Want Millennials in your Civic Club? Give up ownership.

Does your civic club or organization face the challenge of attracting millennials or YPs… and keeping them? Before you label all of Generation Y as lazy and uninterested, consider a few tips that will help you not only attract them, but engage them:

  1. Give them Ownership

No you do not necessarily need to add them to your bank account, but allow them a say in the decisions. Millennials that feel valued, buy in. Millennials that have bought in are highly motived and committed. And don’t expect them to just carry on the same because “this is how we have always done it.” That spaghetti dinner that hasn’t changed in 50 years? They may want to tweak it, or even do something totally different.

Let them.

  1. Consider the Time

Millennials and young professionals may have a young family or other activities after work or at dinner time. Be open to changing the time of your meeting. Have you considered a lunch meeting, or how about breakfast? Most millennials would rather be involved early in the morning or at lunch than to give up their free times in the evenings. Whether is their family, kid’s activities, or adult sports, most millennials are involved already in evening activities.

  1. Use Social Media

It is no secret millennials like to use social media. If you organization can’t be found on Facebook (at the very least), most likely they won’t find you. This is a great opportunity to give up the ownership, and allow a young professional to run your social media. Not all YPs use social media heavily, and not all retired people avoid it, but it is a good way to accomplish goal #1 and grow your community presence at the same time.

  1. Don’t Separate

Avoid creating “younger” and “older” cliques. This is an opportunity for both generations to learn from each other and come together. I may be generalizing, but contrary to common beliefs most millennials like working with older generations towards a common goal. Focus on coming together as a group instead of separating.

Take some time for your organization or club to discuss these tips and see what you can do to enhance your marketability to millennials. After all, the best way to continue traditions and a legacy, is to teach it to the next generation. Multiple generations working together is a great way for everyone to teach and learn at the same time.


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