#Spend Your Summer in Greer

Day three of “S.P.E.N.D.” your summer in Greer brings us to Greer Flooring center located right off of highway 14. Greer Flooring has been the destination for all things flooring in the Greer area for over 20 years, and were recently voted “Best in the Upstate.” “We pride ourselves on installation, high quality products and customer service. We are here to help the customer through their process as quickly and painlessly as possible,” sales associate Chris Reihl. “By sticking to our values we have built a reputation that separates us from the competition, while still stressing the importance of quality.” If you are doing any summer renovations in your home and need a sleek new floor to make the room “POP”, Greer Flooring Center is definitely the place you need to SPEND your money.

– Noah Hannon


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