#Spend: Dooley Field

In my opinion there is one thing that tops all others on the list of must-dos when it comes to experiencing Greer. That is a Friday night football game at Dooley Field, home to the Greer High Yellow Jackets. I am a little bias because I am a Yellow Jacket myself, but I would venture to say most people would agree.

The games are a melting pot of tradition from many teams past. The Jackets moved stadiums four games into the 1986 season. My dad was a freshman at the time; “Every morning before practice we would head to the new stadium (Dooley) and lay the sod. It was like moving into the coliseum we were so excited,” said Chad Hannon. The sod laid that seasons is still used today.

Dooley Field is also home to “the most exciting entrance in high school football.” As the smoke flows and 2001 blasts over the loud speakers, the Jackets emerge from the tunnel shadowed by the famous water tower, and make their way to the field as the opposing team watches with fear.

The Jackets will open up the preseason festivities at 6pm Friday August 5th against Gaffney. The annual “Meet the Jackets” will be August ninth against Chapman where all the Jacket faithful are invited out to see and meet the 2016 edition of the Greer High Yellow Jackets. It all culminates for the season and home opener August 19th against Westside High School. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to experience what Greer has to offer at Dooley Field. GO JACKETS!


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