Purple Power Labels

Purple Power labels, sushi that can be bought in schools all across the country, BMWs and widely popular corrugated displays all have something in common; all are GreerMade. Before this summer, with the exception of BMW, I didn’t know that things people all across this country see and interact with are made right here in our backyard. Intertwined in the middle of every city is commerce and most people in our city don’t realize just how much goes on in ours. I entered this summer as a high school intern and left with relationships and knowledge that will help me for the rest of my life.

Earlier this spring I was presented with the opportunity to become the next intern for the Greater-Greer Chamber of Commerce. Going into the summer I could’ve never imagined the summer that lay before me. I was able to work hand in hand with a fantastic group of people. I got to experience an executive board meeting where I got an inside look at the decision making process. I was also given creative freedom with a blog assignment that I turned into a “SPEND your summer in Greer” blog.

This summer I gained much more than relationships, appreciation for this city and experience. I gained and reassured myself of my passion for business. I love commerce and everything that goes into the process. I am forever grateful for all I learned and the opportunity I was granted this summer. Our city, and especially the Greater-Greer Chamber of Commerce, has lots of great things going on and the effects are obvious.

  • Noah Hannon, Summer Intern

















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