#TopTip – Social Media

Can’t remember to post on social media? Schedule it out! Management systems, like Hootsuite,  make it simple to manage all of your social networks in one place. From one site you are able to schedule posts on several platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to help maintain a consistent web presence! Katie Witherspoon Director of Communications & Events Advertisements

#TopTip – Leadership

The people that you work directly with – do you know their communication/personality style? I’m sure many of you have taken personality tests before, but knowing your coworker’s communication style is just as important. If you are fast paced and decisive, working with someone who is easy-going and patient could cause tension. To ease that, you … More #TopTip – Leadership

#TopTip – Sales

Believe in yourself and what you are doing to help your customer, clients or members. Believe that the benefits of your product or service far outweigh that of your competition. Make people aware of those benefits and how to utilize them instead of comparing to your competition. There is always room for healthy competition in … More #TopTip – Sales